Before San Diego Comic-Con 2011, I bought a sketchbook so I wouldn’t have to scrounge up individual scraps of paper every time I saw an artist I admired in Artist’s Alley. The first piece in it was a beautiful Carla Speed McNeil sketch of Marcie from Finder: Talisman, but after that, it quickly became a themed sketchbook of angels. No particular reason, I just thought it was a theme that would allow artists to express the subject in a variety of ways, and that’s exactly what happened.

SDCC 2011
Vera Brosgol (website)
Gene Yang (website)

APE 2011
Shaenon Garrity (website)
Elle Skinner (website)
Sandra Lanz (website)
Scott C. (website)
Craig Thompson (website)
Jason Thompson (website)

SDCC 2012
Zander Cannon (website)
Meredith Gran (website)
Rich Stevens (website)
Andrew Hussie (website)

APE 2012
Derek Kirk Kim (website)
Jeremy Arambulo (website)
Thien Pham (website)
Sergio Aragones (website)
Sam Alden (website)
Jim Woodring (website)
Lucy Bellwood (website)
Kelsey Short (website)

Phoenix Comicon 2013
Tavis Maiden (website)
Chu (website)
Jim Rugg (website)
Spike (website)

PAX Prime 2013
Alexandra Douglass (website)
Erika Moen (website) (explicit sketch!)
Abby Howard (website)
Mackenzie Schubert (website)
Monica Ray (website)

APE 2013
Raina Telgemeier (website)
Dave Roman (website)
Colleen Coover (website) (explicit sketch!)
Kory Bing (website)
Andy Ristaino (website)
Jon Cairns (website)

ECCC 2014
Kris Straub (website)
Dylan Meconis (website)
Aaron Diaz (website)
Noelle Stevenson (website)
David Malki ! (website)
Diana Nock (website)
Steve Lieber (website)

SDCC 2014
Lea Hernandez (website)
Emily Carroll (website)

Dragon Con 2014
Ted Naifeh (website)

APE 2014
Rachel Ann Millar (website) (explicit sketch!)
Liz Prince (website)
Alden Viguilla (website) (explicit sketch!)
MariNaomi (website)

ECCC 2015
Gigi D.G. (website)
Babs Tarr (website)
Ann Uland (website)
Madéleine Flores (website)
Carla Speed McNeil (website)
Brooke A Allen (website)
Lucy Knisley (website)
Chris Furniss (website)
Lissa Treiman (website)

APE 2015
David Hellman (website)
Myisha Haynes (website)
Carmen Stevens (website)
Mister Loki (website)
Jen Hickman (website)

GeekGirlCon 2015
Laura Neubert (website)

ECCC 2016
Erica Henderson (website)
KC Green (website)
David Wynne (website)
Sloane Leong (website)
Brittney Williams (website)
Sanford Greene (website)
Corin Howell (website)

RCCC 2016
Stan Sakai (website)
Kat Leyh (website)
Cassie Anderson (website)
Barry Deutsch (website)
Becky Hawkins (website)
Adele Supreme (website)
Tara Avery (website)
Aubrey Aiese (website)
Genué Revuelta (website)

ECCC 2017
Natalie Riess (website)
Sara Goetter (website)
Marie Enger (website)
Katie Longua (website)
Matt Lubchansky (website)
Ariela Kristantina (website)
Charmwitch (website)
Becky Cloonan (website)
Trungles (website)

ECCC 2018
Meredith McClaren (website)
Tom Parkinson-Morgan (website)
Tess Stone (website)
Melanie Gillman (website)
Unknown Artist
Pam Wishbow (website)
Cat Farris (website)
Jeph Jacques (website)

ECCC 2019
Zack Morrison (website)
Johanna Taylor (website)
Danielle DeMartini (website)
Afua Richardson (website)
Irene Koh (website)
Amara Sherm (website)
Ashley A. Woods (website)
Maria Frantz (website)

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